How TRACK works.

The tech that drives it

We partner with, who use the latest AI tech to estimate your property value and other data for the TRACK dashboard.

TRACK’s logic works hard in the background to make the difficult calculations that display on the beautiful dashboard.

We partner with SaltEdge which allows TRACK to connect directly and seamlessly to your mortgage provider in a safe and secure way.


DecisionHub, helping homeowners to plan and make smart decisions through tools such a “Sell-up Calculator”.


MultiTRACK, various features such as “Contributions Calculator” designed to help couples manage joint finances.


TRACKPro, a service for landlords and those with multiple properties that simplifies the management of their portfolio.
“TRACK is a hugely appealing startup for the likes of NatWest to partner with,
given the multitude of ways we can integrate and cross-sell our products.”

Neil Bellamy (Head of Technology, Media, Telecoms)